4/14/2018 -- SPRING FLY IN. Site: Sam Corley Model Airfield 697 Cassidy Road Gaston, SC 29035. 

Robert Blackwell Contest Director. Come join us for a fun day of flying off our 600'x60' grass

runway with 300'x15' fabric strip. Landing fee $20 which includes lunch.

Additional meals $5 each. Swap & shop ok. 9am Pilot meeting. Sponsor: CONGAREE FLYERS

Thanks to the NEW Google Earth, our field shows up very well.
Coordinates are:
33 46' 58.43"N
81 06' 56.36"W

Let's Go FLY!!!!

The weather is great now and most likely
 someone will be out at the field getting some
time on the sticks. If you are new to all this, come out
and ask for help. We will try our best to assist in any way we can.
Go to the "Contact Us" page and contact one of the club
officers to arrange a visit. Who knows, it might lead to your becoming
one of us!!

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