**Our "Chili Fly-In" on Saturday November 5th went very well.  

The weather was great and at least 30 people ate some great chili and fixings. Lots of model flying and story telling was the order of the day. Thanks to all who supported it and helped put it on. We will do this again!!**

Our 14TH ANNUAL JIM CECIL MEMORIAL FLY-IN, which was held on October 1st 2016, was a success. We had 27 pilots register and quite a few spectators joined us for a delicious grilled chicken and hot dog lunch. There was a high energy aerobatic helicopter performance after lunch. Many different types and sizes of model aircraft were displayed and flown all day and the weather was absolutely perfect. We thank all who supported our event and we hope to do it again soon.   

Someone is usually flying at our field if the weather is good but to be sure the gate is open please contact one of the officers. They can help insure that you don't waste gas by traveling to the field only to find a locked gate. See you at the field! OH and if you are a flier already, don't forget to bring your ama membership card. All solo fliers must be AMA insured!

We now have a fabric runway flying surface on 15' X 300' of our main runway. It is made of woven polyester and is designed to help parkflyer sized aircraft take off and land. Everyone who has flown off it says it works well. Come on down and try it out soon. See the photo on the 'photos' page.