**AMA Chartered in 1975** 

43 years of RC flying in the

Midlands of South Carolina

Making your list and checking it twice?

Maybe Santa will bring the gift of R/C aircraft.

If so, contact us and bring those new models out

to our field and let us help you get them flying!

Merry Christmas!!

Winter is right around the corner but many times we have

 great flying conditions anyway. Come out and watch or participate.

Someone is usually flying at our field if the weather is good but to be sure the gate is open please contact one of the officers. They can help insure that you don't waste gas by traveling to the field only to find a locked gate. See you at the field! Oh, and if you are a flier already, don't forget to bring your AMA membership card. All solo fliers must be AMA insured!

We have a fabric runway flying surface on 15' X 300' of our main runway. It is made of woven polyester and is designed to help parkflyer sized aircraft take off and land. Everyone who has flown off it says it works well. Come on down and try it out soon. See the photo on the 'photos' page.